At WEBY Systems we consult you at all stages of the design. We can develop a website that will match the existing look of your colour scheme and layouts that you use in your correspondence and promotional material.

Before we start a design we will need to establish the basic principals for the site, the rough layout or frame work that the pages will be built on. Just like building a bricks and mortar store a site plan must be developed before moving on to the layout for each room, what the colour scheme will be and what content will be displayed.

Rather than starting from scratch each time and reinventing the wheel we have some standard plans or Templates available for you to choose from, you can view our current template range on the Templates page. Starting with a template we can then move onto the style of your website, the colours that you want to use and any additional materials, photos, banners etc..

As well as standard html web design we also develop interactive sites using JavaScript and flash design (Samples in our Portfolio). If you require a more complex site requiring scripting to work with backend databases, forms and shopping carts we can help you there as well, as a prime example this site is developed using PHP and works with MySQL databases.

To keep your website up to date we are also developing Content Management Systems that will allow you to update the content of your site through your internet browser without requiring any skills above that of a word processor.

When it comes to developing pages they can be any length but the longer the page and the more data on it the longer it will take to load. A page filled with text and 4 images at 150x150 will take approx. 15 second to load via a 56kbs modem.

Costs for design of a site will vary depending on the time required to develop the site, the use of pre-existing templates will require less time and so will cost less. For all development work we require a 50% deposit before starting work, with the balance on completion of the site and before delivery. Completed sites will be hosted on a development area for full testing before final signoff by the customer.

Once work has started any changes to the site design or extra content may incur additional charges.

The table below is a guide as to the approximate costs for developing componants of a web site.
Feature Approx Cost Description
Text only page using standard template (short) from $55.00 Development cost per page from supplied text using a template.
(approx 250 words)
Text only page using standard template (long) from $77.00 Same as the short page only twice as long. (approx 500 words)
Product catalogue type pages from $99.00 Per page cost from supplied text using a template with up to 5 images supplied in 75dpi at 150x150.
Online forms from $66.00 An online form with 4 fields that will send the results to a predefined email address. (similar to the contact us page)
Custom Designed Buttons from $22.00 Custom button to use on site. Rollover buttons designed as 2 images.
Custom Designed Pages $99.00/Hour As a guide one 800x600 designed page with supplied text and 1 image would take approx 1 hour.
Convert to PDF (from File) from $3.30 Convert 3 page document from Word, Excel or PowerPoint to PDF format
Convert to PDF (Scan in) from $19.80 Scan in up to 3 pages and save as PDF format
Scan Logo/Letterhead from $19.80 If you do not have an electronic copy of your Logo and you wish to use it on your website then we can scan it and convert it to web graphics.
To enable us to provide our services at these prices the supplied text and graphics need to be in the following format.
TEXT: Need to be supplied in Word document format in Arial or Times New Roman size 12 font TITLES should be in BOLD.

IMAGES: Need be supplied as a separate jpg files at 75dpi in jpg format, images should be cropped to the correct size, as a guide to be displayed full screen in Internet Explorer the image would need to be 750x450 Pixels. Smaller images for on screen display as in a catalogue page would be 150x150, thumbnail images will be produced free of charge by us from the full page image if required.

If you are supplying large numbers of images i.e. for a photo gallery or online store then we will resize all images for you as a batch job.